Why have us sell your boat?
Simple... We don't collect boats we sell them. And we care about you and your boat.
Too many times I see customer owned boats get abused by dealers when they are "selling" them for you. This is because they have their own boats to deal with, but me, I deal with your boat and that is it.
Another thing, the boat market changes drastically daily. It is important to speak to a market professional like us before you list, sell, or trade your boat to anyone. If the first thing your contact does when attempting to do boat business with is pull out a guide book, go somewhere else! Does your favorite professional baseball player read the directions on a new ball glove? Of course not! Get the drift?
You see, here at First Phase Marine, boats are our obsession, ask my wife, it literally drives her crazy but we enjoy it! So call or come by, I sincerily appreciate each and every opportunity.
Watch our video for more information:  http://youtu.be/s_qOOE2HTjE